We Can Be More than A Dark Star

posted: 11 Jan 2016 comments: 1category:

Yesterday we were all awakened to the sad news that David Bowie had died. Over four million tweets flooded into Twitter acknowledging his contribution to music and art. His life and work had touched the lives of many including even the Archbishop of Canterbury. I mention his name because at the heart of a great deal of his work was a spirit of searching, a longing to find another world to which to belong. In a number of interviews Bowie acknowledged his search to know...
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We’ve witnessed a miracle

posted: 2 Dec 2015 comments: 1category: Unassigned

Just a note to thank all the people who have contributed to our appeal to help "Bounce Higher" At the last count I believe we've reached well over £25,000. This means that Bounce Higher will be able to continue into next year. It allows us a breathing space to begin to bring on board another long term funder.  I guess I want to let you all know that we have witnessed one huge miracle and we want to give thanks to God that our prayers have been answered....
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posted: 12 Nov 2015 comments: 3category: Unassigned

It's always a challenge to keep projects going. So often funders are looking for programmes and projects to eventually become self funding. I can understand the logic of that position. The trouble is some programmes will never be self funding because they aim to serve the most vulnerable in our communities. One of these vulnerable groups are children. The prospects of tax credits being cut, means that many more children in low income families will find themselves in a...
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