Living Through Change

posted: 5 Jan 2015 comments: 0category: Unassigned

During the next four months we’re going to be inundated with literature form the various political parties. Each one will be seeking to grab our attention and hopefully our vote. Knowing who to vote for is never easy. Knowing who to believe and trust is almost impossible. The thing is, too much attention will centre around the economy. I know the economy is important -  it drives so many aspects of our lives, however I also think we need to be asking the bigger...
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A Prayer For the New Year

posted: 2 Jan 2015 comments: 0category:

May the Father, Son and Holy Spirit Protector and guardian of our hearts Turn  gently the handle of our lives today For we are more fearful than we pretend You who open the gate on each  new year Come and walk with us Guide and protect us from all danger Inspire us to think and understand in a new way Teach us about the mystery of faith Give to each of us the courage  To walk into the unknown Believing you walk before us   Open our minds to think and...
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