Jubilee Hope Finally in Lake Victoria

posted: 5 Sep 2014 comments: 0category:

Here's an update on the Jubilee Hope adventure across Africa. At last the ship is in Lake Victoria. It was launched into the lake last Saturday. Jubilations all round! this has been quite an undertaking. As chairman of te Vine Trust our board owe a debt of gratitude to a wide range of people. the truth is if we were to list them all it would run into literally hundreds of names. We've had amazing support for this project fro  the civic community the corporate world, the...
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God’s Fleet

posted: 20 Aug 2014 comments: 0category:

I spent most of the morning on my knees picking weeds out of the gravel in my driveway.  I always feel there is something therapeutic about weeding. Its like the prayers of confession. IWe ask God to pick the weeds  of sin out of your life.   And often in prayer God  forces us metaphorically and sometime physically to be on our knees sorting out the mess we've made on the path of life.  Of course you have to get yourself into the frame of mind to do it the weeding and...
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Africa Trip

posted: 29 Mar 2013 comments: 1category:

It's now my fifth day in Africa. Yesterday we travelled by air to Livingstone then we had another two hour pot hole ride to Mwandi. This is a Mission Station built on the bank of the Zambezi River originally supported by the Paris Mission and the Freed Church, eventually bringing in the support of the Church of Scotland along with others in the 1930s. It's early Wednesday morning the fridge in the Mission Guest House continues to make that noise that only fridges...
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Are we fulfilling what God has called us to do?

posted: 19 Mar 2013 comments: 0category:

So it's back on the road again heading for Westminster Abbey for a service of thanksgiving for the life of David Livingstone. The last two days have been busy meeting and greeting the Malawian Delegation including the President Dr Joyce Banda. They have made this special trip as a pilgrimage to remember the contribution that Livingstone made to the abolition of slavery. Sunday saw a packed church at Blantyre the birthplace of Livingstone. I was encouraged by the...
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Pressing on from Prague to London to Inverness!

posted: 6 Feb 2013 comments: 2category:

I woke up this morning thinking about a Dylan Song entitled "Pressing On". I really love the version by Virgina McCrory. I've not had a day off since a week past last Sunday. I'm not complaining I really enjoy doing what I'm doing. However I was thinking there's nothing for it but press on. The only thing is getting the washing up to date. Could you believe it there isn't a place in central London where you can get your laundry done in a few hours?  A bit of...
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