A Flag a Window and an Opportunity

Do you know how difficult it is to take photograph of a flag flying. I think I must have pressed my iphone thirty odd times before I captured a few pictures that I liked. This is taken from the top of the church tower looking down the Forth to the Bridges. I'm looking forward to hearing and reading some of the childrens' stories as they begin to get posted on the blog. So here are the questions: At what time and date was the flag raised up on the Flag Pole? (Guess a time if you need to) Tell me a little  bit about St Andrew and tell me why it is important to celebrate using St Andrew as our Patron Saint. The child that writes the best story and gets the time closest to the actual for the flying of the flag will win £5.00. We had the local paper taking some pictures today of our preparations of the big day on Sunday. So lookout for the picture when its published in the Journal I climbed up the Church Tower this afternoon and Rae filmed my weekly podcast looking out over to the Forth Bridges. It's quite a trek climbing up the narrow stairway that leads to the top of the tower. As you climb you are confronted with the dust and the cobwebs that are to be encountered on the stairs. Its a kind of parable often to get to the real view of life you have to fight through the cobwebs of past generations. It was well worth the climb to look out over the Forth and see the whole of the land unfold before my eyes. I pray that God will help us see the opportunities that we have as a congregation to serve Bo'ness and Scotland. We are also having a quiet day on Saturday in the church. its a chance to talk about the Holy Spirit to a group of people who have been part of the Alpha Course. I think we all need times of quiet reflection in order to grasp the wide panoramic view of life that God wants us to have. Pray is key to understanding the view.

Posted By: Margaret Young   On: 29 Nov 2008   At: 9:12pm

I have been thinking today about those individuals who have been at church for the Holy Spirit session as their ALPHA draws to a close.  This has caused me to reflect on my own ALPHA which I attended in 1994 also my late husbands also that year.  I looked out my husband’s journal with the entry following his Holy Spirit encounter at Carbery and once again was deeply moved and overwhelmed by the beautifully written words which in my opinion could only have been written following an experience with the living God.  For some of us, we want to shout it from the rooftops when first we encounter the Holy Spirit whilst for others the experience is cherished quietly within.  Whichever one, the inner transformation is the awesome outcome.  As I enter this comment, I pray for those who attended today, that they too, will have encountered perhaps some for the first time and others afresh, the promise of the Holy Spirit, but, more than that, they will determine to go deeper with God spending time with Him in prayer and in studying His Word, the Bible.  As our very dear friend Sister Anna Donaldson (who to my knowledge has attended and supported our minister on every Alpha course since it’s inception in March 1994) “it’s better felt then telt”.  Amen Anna


Posted By: iTalker   On: 28 Nov 2008   At: 12:55pm


The iphone doesn’t do video. Thanks for your concern but its pretty safer up the tower.


Posted By: Hazel   On: 28 Nov 2008   At: 9:34am

on a practical note - can your phone take video,  then you can extract a frame you like and use as a still? Works on my camera, but know nothing about iPhones. Hope you’re not endangering yourself up all these high places?

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