A Prayer For the New Year

May the Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Protector and guardian of our hearts

Turn  gently the handle of our lives today

For we are more fearful than we pretend

You who open the gate on each  new year

Come and walk with us

Guide and protect us from all danger

Inspire us to think and understand in a new way

Teach us about the mystery of faith

Give to each of us the courage 

To walk into the unknown

Believing you walk before us


Open our minds to think and understand 

The meaning of a new birth

A new equation

A re-born perspective

One that offers a solution beyond our math

God of three in One 

God of  faith hope and love.

Multiply our expectation

Give us the faith

To say 1x1x1 = 1 

Father,Son and Holy Spirit

Teach us to count a different way

To live and die a different way

Teach us to PRAY

With expectation for all in need.

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