ABC of Christian Discipleship

I'm looking forward to taking part in the teaching programme  here in St Andrew's Bo'ness. over the next four months.  During the General Assembly my good friend Iain Cunningham the minister at Kirkton Carluke gave me the idea and I've developed it so that we can reflect as a congregation about what it means to make disciples. Someone said to me the other day. If the church was a factory what would its main product be? they answered the question with the word disciples.  

I'm hoping that during the next few months we wil reflect upon the attitudes that are required by Christians today to bring others to faith. Acceptance is an important attritude. Its quite a fascinating study to begin to think of the number of stories Jesus told about "Acceptance."  He challeneged his listeners to make space in their lives for the people who were marginalised and disregarded. hence he healed  people of leprosy. He befriended some of the  most despised people. In turn they responded to his warm and his message. I believe that the teaching of Jesus still has relevance today. We live in a divided and fractured society. Learning to live with those with whome we disagree is at the heart of Jesus' teachimg. Of course acceptance is not a philosophy of "anything goes" rather its about embracing and journeying with peoplewhere they are and encouraging them to see where God wants them to be. The idea of "Belonging" has helped many people to believe. We learn to trust and understand when we feel and know we are in the right place.

I'm looking forward to exploring the idea of "Commitment " in the context of the "Season of Remembrance" and I'm hoping that after my six sessions of exploring the ABC of Christianity that we will have a Committment Sunday on the 30th November  which just so happens to be St Andrew's day this year.  If you know of other congregations who would like to join with us using this programme and series of Sermon titles please be in touch

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