Alpha at the Inchyra with Bogle and O'Brien

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /] We started a new Alpha Course tonight in the Inchyra Grange Hotel in Polmont. It was a good evening. Apart from the food which everyone seemed to enjoy the interaction and standard of the questions was very engaging. Alpha is a great opportunity to listen to others share their views and also to hear the questions and concerns of people as they wrestle with issues of faith. We've joined up again with Polmont Old Parish. I find it really rewarding and relaxing to work with Jerome the minister of Polmont Old. Tonight we were asking the question "Who is Jesus?" We ended up having a great discussion regarding the identity of Jesus pre- resurrection and post resurrection. So here is a question. How different was the post resurrected Jesus from the pre-resurrected Jesus? We know he had a different kind of body. So what was the significance of that body for his post resurrection life on earth? what does Matthew mean or hint at when he suggests in the last chapter of his gospel that this same Jesus will return again in like manner as he has gone into the Heavens? What is the significance of the resurrection for human beings as we live out our daily lives? Is there a link between the idea of self denial and death and rising again as a new creation in Christ? Could their be a spiritual death and spiritual resurrection for all of us to encounter in time as well as in eternity? If so what would it look like? Go on get writing.
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Posted By: michelle   On: 5 Sep 2009   At: 11:46pm

great to hear you have Alpha going again, hope they know they are about to be rocketed into a new spiritual dimension! I was spiritually dead, spiritually bankrupt but that has now changed.  Now have the spirit flowing, been swimming in the river of spirt as suggested n the sermon last week, and happy to say ‘waving not drowning’! Praying for you all to enjoy the journey of Alpha

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