Beat The Drum For the Nat Gat

The phone hasn't stop ringing and the emails keep coming in as more and more people want to share the impact that the National Gathering has had on them. It is very humbling and exciting to see so many people being touched by God this last weekend. I think I will forever remember the image of the Archbishop playing the drums, after hundreds of people responded to his call to come to the front to demonstrate their re-commitment to faith in Christ.ngdrums.jpg The issue we who have been involved with this project face now is should we be recommending that we do this again? So I'd like to hear from you, what do you think, and what was your experience of the National Gathering. I'm told a lot of people read the blog,  so it would be good, if on this issue some of the silent readers might make comment.   He certainly looks as though he's having a ball. 

Posted By: Robin Hill   On: 24 May 2008   At: 12:03pm

Having been to both the National Gathering and the General Assembly, I agree that it would be very good to combine business on “The Mound” with a “festival of faith” approach, perhaps based in venues away from the hall itself, running immediately before and after assembly week. Also, if congregations are serious about involvement in CWW activities, we all need local planning groups of committed folk to encourage participation, and so on. Well done on Ingliston, and many thanks!


Posted By: Mary Donald   On: 14 May 2008   At: 7:29pm

What a fantastic photo of Archbishop Sentamu. I was so disappointed that I was too far back to get a good photo of him on the drum - I trust you don’t mind but I have copied it onto our church site at I thoroughly enjoyed my visit on the Sunday and agree with Mike Goss that every 2 or 3 years would be excellent ... also the suggestion that the General Assembly open with a big fest.


Posted By: Mike Goss   On: 11 May 2008   At: 2:02pm

Great weekend, we had a great site for out tent - 1 Corinth Court, right on the route between Highland and Lowland.  200 tents was a real success: 500 was probably always unrealistic for first time.  Excellent speakers, Michelle Guiness and her daughter were a fantastic opener.

NG every 2 or 3 years, yes, but… the General Assembly should open with a big fest for all - scrap the St Giles service and provide a real Kirk celebration for thousands.


Posted By: Stu MacQ   On: 11 May 2008   At: 8:03am

What a fantastic weekend. It was great to be gathered together and to learn about God and what He is doing across our country. The tent idea was fantastic. Next time it would perhaps be an idea to have each church buy-in to bigger tents (marquees)? That way they would be under the one roof symbolising the Unity we have in Christ? You could call them Mansion House 1, Mansion House 2 etc! Anyways, for me hearing John Sentamu was a very moving experience as was Fischy Music (but in a different way!).


Posted By: Pat   On: 9 May 2008   At: 8:50pm

Well done to all. What a privilege to feel part of a success story and to have had the opportunity to share in worship, conversation and learning with so many others with a ‘Church of Scotland’ background. The thrill of seeing such a cross section of ages and interests all able with one voice to praise and pray together will remain for a long time. How often do you do it….. at present I am tempted to say repeat it in 2 years but also do another all age event in the ‘in between’ year so that momentum is maintained.


Posted By: Stewart Goudie   On: 8 May 2008   At: 9:38pm

I was there on the Sunday from 10am until 4:30pm. It was a great event and I didn’t have time to see everything. The tent village was a great idea, although lack of electricity was a problem. I would support comment 1, having it every 2 or 3 years.


Posted By: Guest   On: 8 May 2008   At: 9:43am

I only had a brief visit to NG on Sunday but throoughly enjoyed it.As did everyone I have spoken to.  I think a repeat event every 2 years would be good.  The tented village was much better than I had imagined with all the churches showing what they were involved with. I’m sure it made some realise that they do more / have more impact than they realise.  Well done to everyone involved!

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