Blue Sky Horizon

Blue sky horizon An African afternoon Woman and men work On the road In the hot sun Personalities hidden Beneath orange boiler suits Faces melt covered in black woollen hats We view from afar Our eyes never meet We too are hidden White faces Peering from a white refrigerated car The sun deflects our stare

The sign says stop

The workers spread the tar

Road building takes time

And this is Africa

How we wish

To go further on our journey

Impatient before the sign

A car behind revs

It's a single track

We must wait for others

To come through

Before we go

It's s hard job building roads

In the hot sun

It's even harder building lives

Little huts scattered on the roadside

Men and boys herd cattle home Children walking back from school All in their colourful dress code They pass the funeral parlour signs Death is big business Living with AIDS The day draws to a close Softer sunlight makes the jaggy hills look magical This is Africa as evening falls Such beauty A blue sky sinking in the midst of such poverty Sadness and Joy Road buildings is a costly pursuit
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