Bogle Band Tour 1998

absings.jpg While preparing and doing some research for the next Bogle Band Album, I came across a pile of tapes from the Bogle Band Tour of the States in 1998. We spent a week in Minneapolis touring round Universities and Colleges. We even managed to play in Kieran's Irish Pub. However I discovered a recording of the day we played in the Edina Bookshop. I'll put some posts up over the next few days highlighting the concert. I think it was a classic. If you listen to my accent over the course of the hour it changes as does my mood from being rather serious to being ridiculously flippant. We finally finish up as a band simply laughing at ourselves being in this strange situation playing songs in a bookshop. We started the set trying desperately hard to connect with our audience, the whole ten of them! Hence the reference to books in my study and this song, called Fools Wisdom,Fools Wisdom, which has a real bookshop appeal to it. The picture above is an authentic photograph taken that day at the bookshop. The picture below is a genuine picture of my study. library.jpg
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