Brits In Libya Praying To Be Rescued

[gallery]What a horrific experience it must be to be in Libya at this time. How anxious many must be to feel that they might be left behind or forgotten about. How fearful it must be when everything all around seems to be under constant fire from terrorists or looters. I listened to the voice of the Scots oil worker James Coyle describe his experience in the Libyan desert as a "living a nightmare" Mr Coyle is one of over 300 worker trapped in a camp with less that a day's rations left. There was a sound of desperation in his voice as he pleaded with the British Government to get involved with a rescue mission. "We are living every day in fear of our lives," he told the BBC. In a radio interview. The oil workers, who are about two-and-a-half hours from Benghazi, could not get to the airport and the UK government, according to Mr Coyle, seemed to be ignoring their pleas to be rescued. These pictures and scenarios of rescue are of course often mentioned in the Bible. Moses was called to be involved with a rescue mission and indeed the whole message of the Bible can be interpreted as God's rescue mission to redeem humanity . God became one of us. God empathies with our humanity. I take great comfort from the text in the Bible where it says " he remembers that we are but dust" yet God comes to rescue people like you and me out of the dust. If I believe in a God of rescue I pray tonight that all the people of Libya and from the other nations will be rescued from the terrors of the Libyan regime. It is the waiting and praying that surely stresses all of us who are on the outside looking in on people who need our help. Lord, Rescue The people Deliver them from the hands of their oppressors Give courage to all who seek justice Give patience to those who feel forgotten Strengthen those whose resolve is weak Give power to the powerless Hope to the hopeless Faith to the faithless Let leaders of integrity stand tall among their people Give wisdom to all in authority Give unity of purpose and mind Oh Lord Deliver your people Free them from tyranny Redeem their lives again Bring peace to their land. .
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Posted By: Mike Munro   On: 25 Feb 2011   At: 7:25pm

I feel deeply for the people in Libya at this time, having got to know many as they came and trained locally and lived among us for 6-9months. These were ordinary people with families who lived for their families and done their best to provide for them. It also seems they are been persecuted for their faith.

I wonder if the illness that stopped me from being involved in doing some work there had God’s hand in it.

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