Church Without Walls - the next step ?

I was at the Parliament earlier this evening, as a guest of "Care for the Family" this is an opportunity that MSPs can offer Charities, to allow them to show case their work to potential funders. I think I was there because I acted as an advisor to the Scottish Office of care when they were applying to Lloyds TSB for funding. I'm happy to report that they were successful. Anyway I hope it was a worthwhile opportunity for the organisers because they are doing a good work. Meanwhile I'm in the process of writing my speech to introduce the CWWPlanning Group Report to the General Assembly. As I've done in the past I've used a video clip as part of the speech. So have a look at the video and tell me what you think. Click Feel free to leave some posts if you've some suggestions as to how we might take the process at bit further. One idea I'm looking at it developing a mission strategy around the Homecoming theme that the Scottish Government are promoting for 2009. Could we put on a conference that would help congregations engage with and plan a local event led mission in their parishes during Lent 2009 , leading up to an opportunity which would allow new believers to participate in a Church Without Walls series of open air baptisms. Just think how many new members could we baptise in a day? Mmm 3000 that would mean 300 congregations bringing 10 people to faith in Christ within the next year. Surely that is possible. Anyway its just a thought, but its quite an exciting thought. three hundred congregations fired up at Aviemore, we could take more if we got more anyway have a listen to the video and feel inspired.

Posted By: Hazel Rodgers   On: 1 Jun 2008   At: 6:52pm

Have you thought of sending this to the archbishop? he has video clips on his own website - one more for his collection! Thanks so much I will get my friends who couldn’t go to have a look and see what I have been raving about.


Posted By: italker   On: 17 May 2008   At: 12:37pm

Who is going to do the miracle! All kidding aside it has a lotof potential, I’ll keep this in mind


Posted By: Liz   On: 17 May 2008   At: 7:29am

Brilliant presentation. Homecoming would be a good way for churches to engage.

My dream would be for a proms in the park/feeding the five thousand type event when we get folk together, parked on the grass listening and joining in with good music, sharing picnics and celebrating the sacrament. How about it?

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