Church Without Walls Week

I want to say a huge thank you to the many people who have been working so hard today and for the past few week preparing for the Church Without Walls Week here in Bo'ness. We had a fantastic opening today and we were encouraged by all those who came as our guests and enjoyed looking around the various displays. On a number of occasions the visitors have noticed how enthusiastic our volunteers and staff members are sbout the work they are doing. If your not too far away from Bo'ness and your able to read this blog you should come over this week and see for yourself the amazing work that God is doing here in St Andrew's Bo'ness. As one of our members said to me today. "We know all this is going on but to see it all in one place being integrated and talked about is quite inspiring." I'm looking forward to the evening events that we have planned thi week. I hope that Wednesday night proves to be a popular night for our neighbours to drop in on us. We've invited well over 100 families from the houses that are closest to the church. I'm praying that we get a good uptake. [youtube][/youtube] Then on Thursday we're running an Alpha Taster Night. Alpha has been one of the most successful courses in recent times to help people outside the church find out what Christians believe. Have a look at this promotional video. [youtube][/youtube] Then there is going to be the amazing Talent Show starring some of the highly talented young people that hang around the church. Not forgetting Saturday when Marcus Ford and his friends are with us for a wonderful music extravaganza featuring some of the top Jazz musicians here in Scotland. Here'ds a clip of Marcus I found on Youtube. He's the guy with the sunglasses

Posted By: italker   On: 28 Sep 2010   At: 9:15pm

Thanks Jonathan for your words of encouragement.


Posted By: Jonathan   On: 28 Sep 2010   At: 7:28pm

Seconded!!!  The church looks absolutely fantastic.  It’s great to see so many people in and around the place - all ages were there last night from 6 to ... well ... more than 6!!!!

So much to see.  So much to think about.  So much need locally, nationally and internationally.


Please support the people of St Andrew’s with your prayers and your talents.  Help them make a difference.  In fact, join them and make a difference!!!

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