Clapton Handles Feedback Very Poorly

Where do you start when you've been away from regular blogging ? I think it must be  a bit like when you've not been going to church on a regular basis - you miss the experience and you are always full of good intentions. Well that is how i've been recently when thinking about the italker blog. So here is my first attempt at getting back into the regular pattern.


I want to share with you my  most recent disappointment. I've been looking forward to attending the Clapton Concert in the new Glasgow Hydro Centre so you can imagine the disappointment when Clapton walked off the stage after a loud burst of low frequency feedback. He had been playing for just over an hour or so - it was to my mind a good gig, his set included songs from  Andy Fairweather-Low and Paul Carrick on keys played his big hit  " How long has this been going on?"  In all it was turning out to be a good night. It could be that the feedback affected Clapton's hearing as I believe he now wears hearimng aids.  None the less, the way this was all handled was nothing short of an insult to his 12,000 fans who turmned up and paid good money to hear a very gifted musician.

It got me thinking - what a contrast between the two acts. The warm up act "Hunter and the Bear" treated the audsience with great respect. They thanked  the people for turnimng up a little earlier to hear them and it was obvious that they were delighted to be entertaining such a large crowd. They spoke to the audience briefly beyween sets and in fact gave a good account of themselves they are well worth a listen.  now when it comes to Mr Clapton I can't help but record my disappointment and wonder what kind of organisation would promote a concert take large sums of money from music fans and not at least give an apology and an explanation?

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