Cold Damp Dark November

Preparing material for Sanctuary First is a time consuming piece of work. However it is worth doing when you get feed back and you know that the effort has been appreciated. This month we have been seeking to highlight the significance of Remembrance.

The poem that goes with this video above  was written about two years ago. However as I said in my pervious post, i believe it has only come to life in the last few days. This is because of the pictures and the music. Somehow the words take on a renewed significance. The music also plays a considerable part in making you feel empathy and understanding for the soldiers.

I must thank my colleague Rae Manger for choosing the music and putting the video together. I'm sure this video is going to be a great challenge and I hope blessing to many people. I'd also like to think it might succeed in pursading a few more people to make the effort and attend a Remembrance Service this coming year. Check out


Posted By: Hazel McC   On: 8 Nov 2013   At: 6:19pm

Rae- It is seldom I meet another Hazel - but I do not have an IPod or anything like that- I just logged in just now and listened and watched the video- it is very lovely and the music is perfect
Thank you and (best wishes to the other “Hazel” too


Posted By: rae   On: 6 Nov 2013   At: 8:10pm

Hi Hazel, I can’t see it either on my iPad or iPhone but you can also watch the video at, scroll to the bottom of the page smile


Posted By: Leslie Marshall   On: 6 Nov 2013   At: 12:58pm

Great video,brings you back to the real issues in life.


Posted By: Hazel   On: 6 Nov 2013   At: 10:21am

Is it just my iPad that can’t see a video here?

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