Could Brad Pitt's 'World War Z" be a parable?

I believe the powers that be in Philadelphia are not too pleased, to say the least, that Brad Pitt's potential blockbuster, "World War Z is being filmed here in Scotland. So why did he not use Philadelphia? Well from what I can read it would appear that the City of Philadelphia dithered when it came to making the deal. I believe in the end it came down to finance. Glasgow offered a better deal. The fact is Glasgow;s city centre is laid out in squares not dis-simmilar to an American city and with a few tweaks with traffic lights and road signage and the import of some American cars it can be made look like downtown "Phila". The thing is he couldn't have picked a better location for instant patter and the amusement of his film crew. last saturday I passed by a van full of Zombies. he driver was amusing the crowd as he interacted with the large dummies. A few yards away I can hear the quick repartee in George Square as a workman puts up the American Traffic Lights outside the City Chambers. " Aye the real reason that Brad Pitt came tae Glasgow wis because o the toon zombies . " His pal turns to him and says, "is that wano they gangs in the Gallowgate ? ". " Naw ! ", the man replies, "I talking aboot the toon coonsellors!" The thing is there is quite a serious side to this particular movie. A number of reviewers see it as making social comment on the state of democracies in the 21st century. It has been seen as an opportunity to critic government ineptitude when it comes to financial matters, corporate corruption in the light of sub prime motgages and human greed and immorality . The book " World War Z , written by Max Brooks makes reference to America's inclination to follow a policy of isolationism . the book points out the dangers that lurk behind such a policy. The film turns out to be a kind of parable explaining that it is too easy to allow the Zombies to take offer our world. We need to engage with the issues of our time and engage our brains and come up with compassionate and human answers to some of the greatest issues facing the world. It is not enough to follow theories wither they be political or theological. People matter more than any process. Unthinking politics will lead us into the world of Zombies. As human beings we are people who are alive, we have a soul, we have a responsibility to each other in the words of Cain who murdered his brother, trying to cover up his actions he asks, " Am I my brother's keeper?" That question is still being posed as a smoke screen to hide guilt in our political and corporate world. The answer is still the same - yes you are!
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