Creator God

open-doorThe Mystery God in Creation Creator God Here am I A created being Thinking Feeling Praying to you The Almighty Its just something within me – I can't control I'm pushing on an ever opening door The door itself is the revelation It tells me your presence Is all around In blues, greens, reds and yellows I need to speak your name I need to reach out and touch The mystery of the one who made me Oh God how majestic You are. You take my breath away Such beauty And you made me So I could appreciate all this wonder filled creativity How absolutely amazing And I know there is more I can't see If I could see your entire creation I'd die of wonder shock So here I am a created being Speaking to you the creator Through an open door In the shape of a Word Its just another one of your mysteries O Lord Deal with this soul patiently For I may well forget my place As I gently tread in and out of your Creation
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