From Thames to the Barge on the Forth

There is never a dull moment in life of a parish minister. I was sharing with you my visit to London a couple of weeks ago. This was an opportunity to tell more people about the story of the Vine Trust and also to engage the support of big business and also parliamentarians as we go forward into the next 25 years. There are so many opportunities opening up and so many people looking for creative ways in which they can help make the world a better place. I'm convinced that we need to encourage more people to become adventurous in the cause of the poor. When we tell our story of how it all started in a shop in Bo'ness and how it has grown into an amazing partnership with Scripture Union people are intrigued. Our challenge as a trust is to continue to find ways to engage and educate more people to become adventurous to become risk- takers. I think that is what i like most about being the chairman of a Board that is willing to try out even risky ideas. the conversations we're having at the moment about a third boat perhaps going to Lake Victoria may be risky but it has certainly got a lot of minds working. This was part of the conversation I was involved in while speaking with Princess Anne and Murray Easton. Then a few days later its down on the barge at Leith to witness the growing transformation of a disused oil barge into what I believe might well be an award winning designed barge to promote the needs and the plight of the poorest people. I'm just amazed at how far on the workers are have a look at this video showing the steel being erected and the flooring being put down. When this is finished in April or May 2011 it will be one amazing miracle floaring on water. So remember when you go and visit the barge and hopefully you will you'll remember you saw it first here. Believe it or not there will be an amazing exhibition space, a board room, a number of offices, a galley, a small cinema, and an educational area to explore international development issues.
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