Getting Ready For The Grand Opening

[youtube][/youtube]Today is a big day for the Vine Trust after a long search for the right barge followed by a frenetic 18 months of hard work we finally reach the day when the barge will be opened by our Patron HRH the Princess Royal. Much of the success of this day is due to the strenuous work and persistence of two men in particular. I know that many others have made an invaluable contribution, including our architects, however I think few people involved with this project would dispute the amazing contribution of Willie McPherson and Raymond Kelly. Willie knew what he was doing when he invited Raymond to be the project co-ordinator. Raymond has worked almost night and day for the past months in order to meet deadline. As Chairman of the Vine Trust I wish to record our Board's gratitude to Raymond and to his wife Julia, for her patience. To Willie and his staff we need to say a huge thank you, his tenacity and drive has made what was simply an idea in his mind become a reality, and all this he has kept going while opening new opportunities in Tanzania and co-ordinating the refurbishment of our next ship. We are also conscious of the many generous people who given of their time and talents and money to make this project happen to them I feel simply saying thank you, is quite inadequate. At the end of the day what is happening is nothing more that the result of people working together in harmony and with a common purpose. The barge is a kind of parable. It is the fruit of an idea that seeks to connect people to change lives. When ordinary people band together to do something that is about seeking justice and equity for the poor. As for the picture on the left, have you any suggestion as to what Mrs Carstairs hanging out of the window is saying to mr Carstairs who is painting, and what do you thing Gordon at the end of the rope is saying? captions on the blog please!
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