Hawks and Eagles

who_burma.jpg Well the bookshop gig continues. In the next section recorded below, I begin to develop a bit of a rant. I start off talking about church going and end up introducing a song written by Ian Walker entitled "Hawks and Eagles fly like Doves." An amazingly sad song about the troubles in South Africa, yet full of hope. Desmond Tutu in his book , " No Future Without Forgiveness" at the very end, highlights the fact that no situation is ever too hopeless for God to step in and change. As I write this blog, the movement for democracy in Burma looks like being snuffed out by the might and power of the military machine. nip_burmamonks1.jpg Yet these words of Tutu have an air of authority about them. He writes " God does have a sense of humour. Who in their right mind could ever have imagined South Africa to be an example of anything but awfulness; of how not to order a nation's race relations and its governance? We South Africans were the unlikeliness lot and that is precisely why God has chosen us. We cannot really claim much credit ourselves for what we have achieved. We were destined for perdition and got plucked out of total annihilation... God intends that others might look at us and take courage. God wants to point to us as a possible beacon of hope, a possible paradigm and to say, " Look at South Africa. They had a nightmare called apartheid. It has ended. Northern ireland ( or wherever) your nightmare will end too." I pray to God that the people of Burma's nightmare will end now. Here's the clip from the bookshop.
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