Here is a wide space and long sky


Lord Here is a wide space A place to think A place to be To listen to the wind To unwind To rewind To set sail again A meeting place of the finite and the infinite An island set among islands Long skies Wide horizons Drawing me into mystery A boat rests on the sand Inviting adventure Seaweed caressing the shore line Clothes the cold craggy rocks Shirts like flags are blowing on a clothes line Hollow arms without legs Like scarecrows They pose as performers of fear Dancing in the wind They look Dried out Washed out Longing to be worn again Removed from the line A dry stain dyke marks another line A borderline We humans like our lines Such a contrast Lord You created space We create lines Your either in or out Yet your defined by freedom Your never in Your never out We're defined by reason You refuse to be defined Open me up to a new view To look beyond The borderline The clothes line The party line Help me to see Light breaking through the clouds Chasing the dancing waves Tune my heart and ears To the rhythms of your ways. Today Lord I watched the tidal patterns Trace the ebb and fall of the day Beauty in motion Stillness and solemnity Breaking through the clouds Casting light on a heavy sea, White foam draws the eyes Swirling commotion Touches the heart Waves dancing like white feathers Draws my eye to a distant border Where sky embraces sea Touching the horizon Creating a new order Lord This is a wide space Plenty room for thinking What's it called? 'Westray!'

Posted By: Dot   On: 18 Sep 2012   At: 12:54am

Thanks for sharing this Mags. It only confirms my love of Westray (again)! xx


Posted By: italker   On: 17 Sep 2012   At: 12:24am

Thanks fiona


Posted By: Fiona   On: 16 Sep 2012   At: 9:20am

Totally love it. Love to see the results of a thin place in prayers and poetry. God bless Westray, the day and the morn. God bless the poet teu. Amen

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