Inchcolm Abbey

Here is sanctuary Gulls are singing praise to God Stone and wood Touch earth and sky with grace The river laps the sand with ease Ancient sounds of monks are heard in the breeze Singing songs and chants of praise Holy Holy is the Lord Colm's island speaks of God Hermit prayers can still be heard Saints and sinners voices cry Amidst the ruins of our time Forgive our sins, redeem our lives We cry for sanctuary Prayer never ceases it cannot die It descends as peace to guard the soul It fills the air around this ancient holy island And holy men still prevail Prayer lives on to be fulfilled Colm's voice still calls on God To calm the tumult of the soul Look around this holy place Remove the guns and signs of war Restore this to a place of prayer Where troubled souls retreat Without fear To be at one with God. [gallery columns="4"] This amazing island just a few miles down the river from where we live in Bo'ness. Some call it the iona of the East . Finally after many years of always meaning to go and visit I made the trip yesterday. The Abbey is hidden away on a small island on the Firth of Forth a few miles down river from the famous Forth Rail Bridge. You have to take a sail from South Queensferry. This island has had holy men shelter and pray on it for centuries. The Abbey was built by David 1 of Scotland to give thanks to God for the island and the holy men who gave sanctuary to his brother who once sheltered from a raging storm in 1123. Centuries later it was used as a battlement in the Forth as part of the war efforts at the turn of the twentieth century. These instalations are still to be seen around the island. So here is a question. Could this be a venue for our U2 acoustic eucharist?

Posted By: eddie mckenna   On: 7 Apr 2012   At: 1:39am

I helped at a wedding there 22 years ago when in South Queensferry with John Carrie, been several times since… its a jewel in the crown and deserves to be better known..


Posted By: Steph Macleod   On: 29 Jul 2010   At: 1:37pm

I’ve never heard of the island before, and I’m an east coast laddy!!  Shocking I know.  Sounds like a great place to pray and meditate.  The prospect of a concert dedicated to worship sounds fantastic!


Posted By: Helmut   On: 15 Jul 2010   At: 8:36pm

I visited Inchcolm some 20 years ago. Most remarkable place, just imagine being island-bound during bad weather! Humbling even in good weather, letting your thoughts wander.  If only I had been able to spend more time there.  It should make an excellent venue, only everybody would have to go there by boat and not get seasick (does not take much with some)!

If you do it, make it into a DVD (possibly subtitled to help foreigners) and put it up for sale on the Sanctus Media web shop!

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