Iona a place for saints and sinners

This is a good place to be It's silence and serenity is like gold But you have to mine it Dig deep into yourself To lose the noise of footsteps, voices, camera clicks, and the rustle of clothes. People move around as though searching, looking, some leaning on sticks. Some full of faith Breathing in the worship space. Candles lit in a circle of iron Prayer requests pinned to a cross. Stone slabs neatly laid. Stone crosses wooden beams shaped and carved by monks and masons and men from Govan Speak of human longing to be forgiven. And windows shaped in triune leaves Speak of God the creator. Light streams in And the rain falls upon the glass And here we stand In line from Columba Engaged by the romance are we tourists or traders dsciples or devils? Turning stone crosses to bread Making holy symbols in to brands Tourists and pilgrims We make the cross a touching place. hands reach out to touch the pulpit It's message carved on wood 'My word will not return to me void'
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Posted By: Craig hannah   On: 26 Jul 2010   At: 4:39pm

Inspiring words that talk of Iona.

Never been there, but have always wanted

to visit.  This could be the passage that turns

my thoughts and words into a visit to Iona

in the very near future.

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