Its not who you think you know its really who knows you!

I spend my life talking to people about God. The thing is that there is nothing new or original I can say. I find myself speaking about God in so many different places and situation. I'm learning that I need to make space in the conversation for God to speak. I'm learning that its not my role or calling to defend God. He's big enough to do that himself. I have come to the conclusion that people know God more than they let on. I think Paul hints at this in the first chapter of Romans. Its suits some of us just to say, "we didn't hear you God". I came across this little video if you can listen through the American accents I think you'll find a few things worth reflecting on. It's called[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /] Just because I have a couple of degrees in theology doesn't mean that I know God better than you as a reader. Anyway whether I like it or not God knows me and you and I think that is the point of this little bit of drama. Knowing that God knows me must make me live a different way.
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Posted By: Stuart   On: 19 Jun 2009   At: 10:41am

Thanks for this profound challenge. I laughed and cried my way through this 9min sketch. Yea at the end of this sketch I had the worship song “Today I choose to follow you” ringing in my head. Yea we think we know God but oh how we don’t, yet we must follow Him and let Him have His way with our lives. Thanks once again for this challenge.

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