Jason and his Sword

We met up with a group of quite wonderful strangers who shared a day of their lives with us and it was a lit of fun. Much of the success was due to our amazing your guide. From the moment we entered the little 12 seater tour bus she wad determine to make the visit to the Stillen Bosch Winelands a memorable one. We picked up our companions on the route. We ended up two Swedish woman involved with medical research and nursing. A young French lad who is a drilling engineer, a Dutch chef icing out of a suitcase. An English woman is a teacher of Media Studies. And two couples on their honeymoon from Canada and Australia. It turned out to be a brilliantly pleasant experience. Everyone got on so well. I'm now wondering if the wine tasting had anything to do with it. One thing is for sure I know a bit more about wine and how to enjoy tasting the various types. By the end of the day I must have sampled at least 24 different wines. Let me hasten to add my face may have been a little flushed but I have remained as jober as a surge! Anyway the highlight was when Jason our Aussie honeymooner uncorked the Sparkling Wine using his sword. Have a look at this it's a bit of fun. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zgnan_vQLAk[/youtube]
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