Journey from Film Making to Music Making to Giving Gifts Meaning

Journey from film making to music making to giving gifts meaning and you find yourself engaged in the life of a minister of the gospel seeking to make faith meaningful and relevant to a host of people who never attend formal worship but who are deeply interested in the purpose of their lives

It was another day out and about round Glasgow filming. True to its  reputation as a city of friendship  we had a great time working together seeing the script come alive. We'd like to thank all those concerned with making the filming work. A huge thank you to a number of people in the business world who went along with the day and allowed us to use their premises for the film. One thing that makes a home made film believable is to have good actors, a good script and excellent filming locations. Well can I tell you we had all three going yesterday. Oh and I nearly forgot an excellent film crew from Sanctus Media. Here is a conversation I listened in on between Fergus Alan and Liz as they talk together about Journeys

I hope that a good number of congregations will find a way to use the film as a starting off point to discuss the significance of signs and symbols at Christmas. How can we put our own meaning into the gifts we give our friends and family.   The film has a working title  “You Nailed It ” It seeks to explore the significance of the gifts that Jesus received from the Magi helping us to see that sometimes we can’t see the significance behind a gift but God does. Sometimes our gifts may mean one thing to us but have a  completely different significance to God.

This weekend is proving to be busy later today I’m preaching at a St Andrew’s day service in St Cuthbert’s Church in Edinburgh then getting back to Bo’ness for the jazz Night with Marcus Ford and Friends.

i’ve also just finished putting together the material for the Sanctuary First Service this coming Sunday. i think its going to be very interesting. i’m picking up on the idea that when you go on a journey you carry bags and gifts. What is it that we really need to take with us as we set out in our life adventure? 

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