Lessons on the River

You know what before I knew it I was part of the Ben Hur races. There's something about motor bikes that brings out the boy racer even among the most holy of us. My travelling companion Paul reveals to me that he just loves riding these ponies. Before long I'm standing on the. Bank of the Atya River. We're off to Peurto Allegria. Gene the boys house father in the distance he is preparing the alluminium boat in which we will take the forty minute ride. Paul seems very proud of his tin bath especially because the woman who bought it had won the lottery. I joke with him. Is this the best you can come up with. Surely the lottery winner would have donated a wee but more. Paul had told me the night before that he had no moral issues about taking such money. "it's how you use it that truly makes us all accountable. In a few moments we're on the Atya River heading for Peurto Allegria. Before the day would end we'll have met some amazing people

Posted By: jackie   On: 31 Mar 2009   At: 8:48pm

I tend to agree with Paul Clarkes opinion on the lottery money,  if it is going to good use then thats what counts.  As Christians we try our best to follow Gods word,  and most times we do that,  but I also believe that the money that is allocated for good causes is helping the poor and needy just like in Puerto Allegia,  maybe we could get a nice, modern, serviceable building in Bo’ness to serve our community.  Watch this space,


Posted By: Gordon Kennedy   On: 30 Mar 2009   At: 9:56am

Thanks for all your blog notes this week. A tin bath sounds a bit better than the wooden boat that needed bailed out at Puerto Allegria before sailing back to Iquitos. (Is that a metaphor for bailing out banks?)

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