Light of the World - at Alpha.

Here we are with track 4 from the bookshop gig. Its called "Light of the World" Light of the World. It was truly one of the worst gigs of our career, but you know what, the sound engineer wasn't a christian, and he said he really enjoyed the banter and the music. Who knows what seeds were planted that night. I was at Alpha tonight and I was talking about how we can be sure about our faith. One of the points in the talk is that we can trust Jesus because when he makes promises he keeps them. There was a great atmosphere tonight at Alpha, we were at the back of the restaurant and we were all round one table. The food was good and the fellowship was warm. And you know what, I felt the Holy Spirit was really speaking to all of us. It reminded me of the words of Jesus, " Look I stand at the door and I'm knocking, if anyone hears me and opens the door, I'm ready to come in and share a meal with them" (Rev 3.20) the-light-of-the-world-print-c10081280.jpeg Holman Hunt the famous victorian painter used the title to paint a picture of the risen Christ standing knocking at the heart's door of everyman. One thing I'm sure of we all have to make the choice to open the door. If you look closely at the painting you'll notice the handle is on the inside. Someone once said, Jesus Christ never forced his way into anyone's life, he is the perfect gentleman, he waits to be invited. If you were at Alpha tonight and you opened the door to invite Christ into your life, I'd love to hear from you.

Posted By: italker   On: 18 Oct 2008   At: 7:03pm


An interesting post.No doubt that we are saved through the grace of God. In reformed theology there has always been a tension between free will and the doctrine of predestination. For me there is something in the text itself that speaks of this tension. Our Lord stands at the door and knocks yet gives us,  out of his gracious understanding of human nature, the responsibility to open the door. For he says, “If any man open the door”, so it seems to me that our Lord himself suggests that he comes into our lives on the door being opened through the yes response from the human heart. One other thing we do know is that our Lord wants all men to receive his grace for we are told in scripture that it is not in his will that any should perish. look at 2 Peter 3. Anyway for me I hold to both ideas because I see opposits in Scripture look at Eph 1.4. Finally if you have a moment check out this comment by John McArthur, I think he adds something to the whole issue.


Posted By: Eric   On: 18 Oct 2008   At: 12:53pm

One thing I’m sure of we all don’t get to make the choice about opening the door.

He waits to be invited and by his grace he send us the spirit of God.

No one at Alpha opened the door to invite Christ into their lives for Christ knocked on the door and He knew who He wanted to receive his grace.


Posted By: italker   On: 10 Nov 2007   At: 10:25pm


The Alpha has been brilliant. It is great to see how a group of strangers can end up such close friends. What a wonderful experience to have your daughter reading the scriptures alongside you. Wasn’t it quite special for us all this afternoon to encounter the peace of Christ in that circle. These are special moments that we all need to hold on to and remember.


I’m sure we all have some special piece of work to do together. have a good day at church tomorrow. God bless


Posted By: Lorna   On: 10 Nov 2007   At: 9:28pm

Today I feel I have been really touched by the holy spirit.  This morning I was reading the Gospel Mark and my daughter brought her children’s bible up and sat beside me to read along with me.  A truly magical moment.  Then this afternoon at Alpha I felt completely overwhelmed by His presence and for the first time gave praise aloud in thanks in front of others.  As if this wasn’t enough Vikki spoke to me later and invited me to praise evening in St Andrews on Tuesday evening.  I thank you Lord, not only for coming into my life and helping me, but for bringing all my new friends from Alpha.  Lord look after them and protect them all


Posted By: albertbogle   On: 29 Oct 2007   At: 6:37pm


Isn’t it quite amazing when things like that happen. Often God directs us to titles and books that have been there all along but we haven’t been ready to hear or see or receive.


Posted By: janet   On: 29 Oct 2007   At: 4:54pm

Last week on the Alpha Course we were looking at Why and How Do I Pray?  Would you believe it my church had a bookstall with a book titled “If God Already Knows WHY PRAY?”, so I just had to buy a copy (Author Douglas F Kelly- Christian Focus Publications, Tain)I’d recommend it and note it has an appendix with a plan on how to read the bible in 365 days, so anyone interested ask me about it next Thursday at the Inchyra Alpha course/meal.


Posted By: anon   On: 25 Oct 2007   At: 5:54pm

Heavenly Father, thank you for answering my prayers.  You quietly listen, then act and suddenly all is well.We are on the road to recovery and enjoy the colours of Autumn. I ask through Jesus Christ, that you continue to watch over us now that the darkness has passed and the light is shining again. Amen


Posted By: Janet   On: 25 Oct 2007   At: 5:39pm

Finally managed to find the “Blog”, really enjoyed the comment by anon, so keep them coming!

During last weeks meeting/dinner, Albert gave us info on The National Gathering 2008 - 3-4 May 2008. I sent an email to my minister at the Old Kirk in Bo’ness, as I think this is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to pray together. Anyone interested then keep an eye open for further info through the Church website.


Posted By: Anon   On: 12 Oct 2007   At: 9:15am

Pain, suffering, death and despair,

Helplessly I cried out to you….you were already there

You opened my eyes and lifted my heart

A light unto my path

It makes so much sense now to follow your word

Why choose to suffer in silence struggling alone in this world

Confused, unsettled and endlessly seeking

Never satisfied, never loving completely


When we realise you’ve always been there

Our friend our guide to comfort and care

Only you understand us and walk with us daily

We learn to trust, to journey and cast all our cares


When we open that door, Lord when we let you in

Spend time alone carefully listening

We hear you Lord finally it all makes sense

Your plan for us, from the very beginning


Posted By: Andrea   On: 11 Oct 2007   At: 5:11pm

Wow, that was an inspiring story from the FSof Jim! It just goes to show we never know what God is doing around us.


Posted By: the fatside of jim   On: 6 Oct 2007   At: 10:51pm

What’s so cool is that this is just how God works and the universe turns - gods encounters.

A man walks into a christian bookshop to browse for some daft CD his wife has been badgering him about - he’s sick of all this “honey couldya” stuff on his journey home from work - anyway he’s browsin’ the aisles and by chance he hears some christian acoustic group from 1,000 miles away - pretty unusual and this certainly sparks his interest - that night, when he goes home he doesn’t kick the cat and he doesn’t shout at his wife - which is just as well because tonite was to be the night she left him for good - she was just waiting for him to start… Instead he sits down and laughs about this bizarre wee singer from scotland that talked straight at him.

His wife uses this opportunity to rile him a bit about his own non attendance at their church - she thinks that this’ll make him lose it - this’ll set her free. But it doesn’t - this time he simply laughs - and recounts some more of what he had heard…

and the following sunday he thinks he’ll go to church with his wife.

While he’s sitting in church beside her for the first time in ages he actually begins to HEAR the preacher - to feel the message that god had been sending him in the months before, on the journeys home, in the coffee shop that day and finally, right now, right here, beside his wife in the church he had been avoiding…

and all of his anger, and his frustration and his worries about money and his marriage seem manageable - and he reaches for his wifes hand…....

God sows his seeds all right.


Posted By: Jonathan   On: 6 Oct 2007   At: 9:42pm

Fantastic sound! Really liked it, although I must say that singer can blether grin Keep up the good work!


Posted By: italker   On: 6 Oct 2007   At: 8:34pm

Yes Andrea leave comments on this blog however if folks want to e-mail me with prayers etc I’ll put them in the main body of the blog. if a lot turn up we can think about an Alpha Blog.


Posted By: Andrea   On: 6 Oct 2007   At: 12:17pm

I agree the Alpha was brilliant on Thursday! It’s so pleasant to feel God’s presence and His peace. When I got out from the Inchyra to drive home in the dark and cold I thought that having been in God’s presence was a bit like having taken a hot bath on a cold rainy night grin

So, is this where we were meant to put prayers or is that somewhere else? It might even deserve a blog of it’s own?

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