Making Connections

The last few days have been pretty busy. On Thursday last the church was packed to capacity as people from all walks if life attended the funeral of John Constable who was one of our local councillors and also for many a local hero and mentor. He was someone who passionately believed in his political cause and lived to see some of his dreams achieved. The refurbishment of the Bo'ness Hippodrome was one of the causes he put his political influence behind. He worked along with others in the town to see one of the most prestigious buildings in the community, which had been designed by Matt Steele in 1912 returned to the use For which it was first built a cinema. It was interesting to sit with some if his colleagues after the funeral and hear how their lives had been touched because of his passion for all things Bonessian. As always in these circumstances I find myself being given an opportunity to speak about the gospel. In the context if people losing their jobs and looking for security in the future. It was not the political conversation that offered hope but it was the message of the gospel. As I left the hotel I Became aware of the wonderful privilege we ministers have in being given opportunities to speak about practical Christianity. Then it was back to writing material for Sanctuary First. Once again we've decided to stick with the theme we used last year at this time "The Cross Shaped Space" Its such an evocative theme not only does it speak of the crucifixion but it also points to the resurrection. Furthermore this theme allows us to explore the meaning of having a cross shaped space in our everyday lives. Isn't it so important that we Christians understand how to interpret theology and work it out in our everyday practice. Talking about another kind of 'practise' I had lots on Friday when I met up with Iain Jamieson and we started to record a new version of 'Preacher John' the big surprise was discovering that Campbell Dye who played on the first track nearly 25 years ago had laid down keyboard parts in Winchester and then emailed them to Iain. Technology is just something else. On Friday evening I had the privilege of speaking to over 120 men who are part of the "Larbert Christian Men's Association" There is something about talking man to men. I think there is a great opportunity to engage men on topics that they feel deeply about. Engaging men with stories about adventure and risk and also challenging men to become more pro-active when it comes to faith sharing I guess was what my talk was about. The thing is the Vine Trust tag line "connecting people to change lives" is an excellent hook to tell inspirational stories. Above all introducing people to the true vine is the greatest connection of all. Whoever said being a parish minister is boring?
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