Missing You - Bogle Band

Christmas its a time of the year you either love or you wish would pass very quickly.  Finding a way to get through the Christmas period without facing sad and difficult memories is almost impossible. Why is it that this time of the year evokes so much sentiment? The above song was written by Iain and myself to remind us all that even in our most distressed moments. When we are missing the people who are dearest to us. God promises to draw close to us and bring into our heart a peace that passes all our understanding. The invites us all to take the promises of God seriously.  In scripture we are told that he will never leave us nor forsake us. Look out for the angels this Christmas. They don't always have wings and there are many angels who don't sing in choirs. Yes there are even angels who don't wear clerical collars. If you like "Missing You" why not buy it from iTunes it will cot you 79p a bargain. Oh and please write up a review


Posted By: italker   On: 17 Dec 2012   At: 11:50pm

No problem be our guest that’s why we wrote and recorded the song


Posted By: Joan Murfitt   On: 17 Dec 2012   At: 6:44pm

Lovely words, so true as Christmas can be a sad time for many. Please would we be able to play the music and video in church as people come in for the Carols by candlelight on Christmas Eve? I’m always aware of copyright. Presuming our Minister agreed of course!


Posted By: italker   On: 17 Dec 2012   At: 5:40pm

Thank you Liz and Ann. Great to get feedback. To date i think we have about 640 hits on Youtube . So please pass the word around get people downloading .


Posted By: Ann MacMillan   On: 17 Dec 2012   At: 4:23pm

What a lovely song - and such nice sentiments - pity that more often we forget this is the true meaning of Christmas - and that it gets shoved to the back of the priorities. Well done and good luck with it smile


Posted By: Liz Blair   On: 15 Dec 2012   At: 1:09pm

Oh what a lovely song and how true!  Reminds of the spirit of christmas and not the commercial rubbish that we all get caught up in!

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