Mobile Medical Post Near Dindigul

After hearing the sad news about Peru here is a story to cheer you up. When we visited India last year  we met up with our friends at the Martha Clinic. Hearing Ruth tell us how they had been praying for this clinic for over twenty years was quite a moving experience. Realising that God had given us the opportunity as a congregation to to help support and bring about this work was not only an inspiration it was also a great responsibility. One of the issues that faced the clinic was the need to be more mobile. The clinic seeks to serve around 60 villages and many of the people who are ill cannot get to see the doctor or the nurse. Our friends at the Martha Clinic have had a vision of a small ambulance being used to go to the more remote areas and bring help to those who are in need. [gallery] I'm delighted to announce that through our little Branches Shop once again a need has been met and an ambulance was bought a couple of weeks ago . The pictures above show the staff at the clinic preparing to go on one of their mobile medical journeys. Thanks to the staff at Branches  Bo'ness and the customers who support Branches this dream has become a reality. Its truly amazing what can be done to make a difference in the world with really small amounts of money. In the right hands God can take our pennies and pounds and turn them into blessings. Just think how many blessings could be shifted around the world if we released more of our pennies and pounds.
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Posted By: Lilias   On: 29 Jan 2010   At: 4:33pm

This is fantastic news.  Good old Branches…:o)

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