Moderator Visiting The Jails

This is going to be a busy period in the life of the Moderator. Prisoners' Week started yesterday and for the rest of this week I'll be visiting prisons the length and the breadth of the country. Its an opportunity to highlight the issues that  surround our prison services. Its an opportunity to meet with those who work in prisons and also to meet prisoners and  to have a chance to highlight the issues that surround many families when they find that one of their members is going to jail. Imprisonment doesn't just affect the criminal it can have an effect on the victim as well. In fact imprisonment for many people is not the right solution. I hope to be able to write more about all this as I visit prisons and hear about the issues that affect all concerned. I hope that you will take time to remember me in your prayers this week and to pray for all who find themselves caught up in the often tragic circumstances that surround the need to have justice and equity administered in our society.  
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