Morija to Bethlehem

We continue to clock up the miles I think we've covered over 1000 mikes since we left Cape Town on Tuesday morning. We now begin the descent down the very rocky road from our little mountain retreat. The Morija Guest House is an interesting place to visit.I talk with Bernard a world renowned French Palentologist who tells me he discovered the remains of an eight metre long Dinasaur in this vicinity last year. He has returned this summer to oversea the packing of the fossels which will be transported to Paris for further study, Eventually when the Museum is built in Lesotho the remains will be returned but it could take years. We say our farewells and head out to find an Orphanage that Duncan has visited before. It's called Beautiful Gate. He wants Willie and me to meet Allan a retired Aussie builder who now spends his days Maintaining and building homes for Orphan children. He has been working Maseru for the past three years. Allan tells how the programme works. Basically they take abandoned babies and try to find people from around the world who will adopt the children. He tells us he knows its controversial. He comments " Many of the locals ask me why we give their children away to foreigners.
My reply is simple, You the locals won't take them so we will find them homes in Australia or Canada or Holland, The thing is that usually causes them to change the subject" Allan continues walking around the complex introducing us to the various staff members. By the time we're ready to leave we've met some of the children and our hearts were melted. We left pretty impressed with an orphanage that seeks to find homes for orphaned children. All of us found the experience inspirational. I think you'll find them if you google Beautiful Gateway Lesotho. [youtube][/youtube] Lesotho is ruled by a King. It is very poor country but it had magnificent scenery. Over 60% of the population who work do so in South Africa. When Friday comes there will be queues up to three hours long at the border This is workers returning he from South Africa with their wages ringers their families. Friday has come and gone and I'm now in Johannesburg Airport. We eventually left Lesotho and headed for Clarence. This is an up Market Town famous for visits from Brad Pitt and Prince Harry. Anyway when we arrive it's late on in the day and there is no room at the Inn. The town had been taken over by the Woman's Guild equivalent and asp the Bilkers Association. We head out to our next destination - believe it or not it is Bethlehem. And we find cheap accommodation at the local Casino. It turns out to be not exactly what three Presbyterian ministers might choose but since it was getting late we nook our rooms and give thanks that they are clean and above all that the price is right.
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