New Bogle Band EP

Here's a little promotional video highlighting one of the songs from the new Bogle Band EP entitled Turn. This is a collection of songs written around the theme of reconciliation and forgiveness. [youtube width="640" height="360"][/youtube] The songs were recorded last month. Iain and I had worked on these songs a few years ago but a number of them just needed to be finished. One particular song entitled "Maggie" has turned out to be a rather special little song. I wrote the lyrics the evening I returned from my mother's funeral way back in 2005. It's a little poem that speaks of the importance of never despising the small things in life. It's the small things that shape the big things.  The song on the video was written many years ago but was never really recorded.  I hope people enjoy the video and perhaps this will encourage some more people to come along to our evening of music and storytelling on Sunday and Monday.  I'm looking forward to playing with Iain and Graeme and delighted that Colin Jamieson, Iain's brother, will play keys on a couple of songs. I also believe that Iain Wilson who toured with us in the USA in 1998 will also be around to cajon. If you don't know what a cajon is, its a fancy name for a drum made out of a wooden box.  Look out for the EP appearing on iTunes in the next few days.

Posted By: Elizabeth   On: 2 Sep 2012   At: 12:44pm

Thank you. I now have a beautiful new moment in my life.


Posted By: Hazel   On: 13 Aug 2012   At: 6:39pm


That made me smile tonight , returning home from work.

Thank-you - a fab voice, lyrics and music!


Posted By: Helmut   On: 12 Aug 2012   At: 8:57pm

Just great!-

May I say that everybody receiving one of your previous CDs (and this means people fairly uninterested in Christ) has returned delighted feedback!


Posted By: greta   On: 12 Aug 2012   At: 8:58am

Just listened—-it was beautiful!

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