Peace And Trade Envoy Alec Carstairs Engages a Deal with the Bora Tribe

You might not believe this but apart from bringing health care to over 100,000 thousand people in Amazonia. Amazon Hope can also add to its impressive CV the fact that it has encouraged friendship between the Huitoto tribe and the Bora and is promoting international trade. The picture captures Alec Carstairs the Vine Trust Treasurer making one of his now historic Trade Agreements last week when he visited one of their settlements. Mr Carstairs later commented that he was " delighted to be recognised by the woman of the tribe as a popular icon in the same mould as Patrick Swayze." "His ability to make the deal is renowned said another tribal official." These tribal people live in the North West part of Peru on the Ampiyacu River. Before Amazon Hope visited this part of Amazonia both tribes who live across the river from each other and speak completely different languages had very little contact. Now thanks to the medical ship coming into the area both tribes have become good friends. They meet and socialise when the ship arrives. Last week both tribes put on an amazing dance and we were welcomed as always by both of the chiefs. I had a bit of fun calling out "Ola Victor" to the chief of the Bora I remembered him from past visits. Unfortunately to him all we gringos look the same. So not only are we saving lives in the rain forest we are also doing our bit for international relations. I'm pictured here with well known art designer of furniture Alastair Munro from Inverness who was looking to develop a whole new Amazonia line in furniture for his winter collection of 2012. Mr Munro was also greatly interested in the ancient low tonal jungle drum of the Bora. This drum is used for communication between members of the tribe who might be isolated in the forest. The drum might be calling them to return to the main tribal camp for refreshments after a long hard day at work. Mr Munro who finds texting and mobiles somewhat challenging is exploring this drum as an environmental alternative to the intrusive mobile masts that are appearing all over the highlands of Scotland. Mr Munro commented that he believed he could reproduce the drum and it could be used as an alternative communication strategy for the Highlands during this time of austerity. Munro continued to suggest that this solution to communication should not be promoted as primitive but rather understood as appealing to the minimalist approach which so often is the source of good design and art. Oh and of course we are helping the local economy as we purchase the ancient tribal art which ranges from painting to the poison arrow and blow pipe if required. I myself stuck to the art work while one of our party Hazel Taylor who works for a charitable foundation,bought a blow pipe. Now I'm not quite sure who she is planning to kill. All I can say is if you recognise her please what ever you do don't turn your back on her. And above all watch your neck these arrows are deadly. The thing is looking at Hazel you wouldn't believe that poison could melt in her mouth? But if you look closely you'll notice that the tribal woman in the rear of the picture is eying her up rather suspiciously. The thing is the Bora woman are noted for their insight into human nature. Finally it was the selection of Alice Stewart that caused the greatest of concern to Her husband Gordon. Alice caught the eye of Chief Victor and he insisted that Alice join his group of women dancers to explore the Bora mating system through the dance of the cobra. First of all Alice had to have her make up applied by one of the tribal artists. Immediately after the dance Mrs Stewart who is a giant of a man compared to Chief Victor made it plain that Alice would be returning to Scotland. However some people on the ship reported that they heard Alice sigh a little as the speed boat pulled out to head back to Iquitos some four hours down the river. Later in the day Chief Victor who is a fan of the 1970s band Dr Hook, was beating out the tune "Living Next Door To Alice" on the Jungle Drums. have a listen to the tune below. [youtube][/youtube]

Posted By: italker   On: 16 Mar 2011   At: 12:44am

Rachel glad you enjoyed the article. Hope your well and also that you Mum and dad had a good time with us all.
We all have a wonderful opportunity to take things further forward and it is my prayer that we grasp all the opportunities that god brings our way.


Posted By: Rachel Payling   On: 12 Mar 2011   At: 3:16am

Albert - this is brilliant!


Posted By: Gordon Stewart   On: 8 Feb 2011   At: 10:37am

Albert, a good light-hearted take on what was a very encouraging visit. I can hardly believe that 10 years ago these people had no medical support and now they have access to regular care through Amazon Hope.

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