Plane Thinking

I had breakfast with Paul Clark the Director of Union Biblica. He is a commanding figure even at the age of seventy five. His white hair neatly combed in place he looks cool. I think he probably has always been cool. We started a conversation about multi tasking. Paul believes that woman can do this better than men. We then moved to the idea of thinking. Marty his wife joins in. "Men are like waffles when they think, as for women, well we're spaghetti." Well I was doing a bit of thinking this afternoon on the plane from Lima to Iquitos. I must admit I was a bit nervous. The last time I was on this flight I thought my number was up. I'm sure the plane fell a few hundred feet in the sky as we went through a tropical storm. I remember thinking at the time. Your going to die here. Brave it out be a good Christian make sure you help the people either side of you. Anyway we lived to tell the tale. But it got me thinking this afternoon.             

Strangers travellers in space No one speaks Everyone thinks The same thoughts Strange? Companions moving through time. Hemmed in confined to 3x3. Strapped in like cattle on a production line Each one a risk taker Lives pent up in a tube That could explode. Suspended moments of living Waiting Hoping Believing Time will flow again. All are still strangers Eating Drinking Descending Pretending Landing is normal. When nothing is normal in the sky It happens in seconds Rubber hits the runway Life begins again In a different place Lockers open Mobiles chatter Travellers remain strangers And no one remembers thinking Flying is an act of faith.  

Posted By: Laura   On: 31 Mar 2009   At: 11:18pm

Hehe perhaps the person sitting next to me is a stranger when we take off, but usually they have been well interrogated and know me fairly well by the time we land!

I can’t wait to be jetting around the world, meeting these awesome people!!!!!!!!!


Praying for you Albert, hope you’ve stopped ‘moaning’ ;P


Posted By: jackie   On: 31 Mar 2009   At: 8:39pm

Glad to hear you arrived safe,  and hearing you speak about your plane journey from lima to Iquitos really did bring back horrible memories for myself,  I like your,  thought my number was up.  I remember clearly praying to God saying “you had brought me this far please keep me safe I want to see my family again.”  and guess what,  well im still here.

Anyway, keep blogging its good to hear from Peru and what your up to.


Posted By: Rae   On: 28 Mar 2009   At: 11:44am

lol. I like Marty’s comment smile  Glad you had a good flight with no problems this time.

Are you going to post any photos???

Take care


Posted By: Lilias   On: 28 Mar 2009   At: 8:55am

Totally understand how you feel. I felt like that on our first flight to India, then we had to turn back, without really knowing what was going on.

Hope your trip goes well.

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