Preacher John Reconstructed 25 Years Later

You may recall a few posts back that I was telling you all about the story of Preacher John. Well here is the reconstructed version of the song 25 years later. This is the song I wrote for John Stuart's Induction yes 25 years ago. I grateful to my songwriting partner Iain Jamieson for putting down the soundtrack and for the creative input of Campbell Dye a past member of the Bogle Band and who worked on the keys and fills. Let hear what you think of this version. Personally I think I might sing the lyric a wee bit to aggressively, but I think when we come to the end of the song we engage with a really interesting vibe. Anyway its not meant to be a perfect work of art just a tribute to a good friend. However Iain and myself are determined to get another album out before the end of the year. [youtube][/youtube] And of course congratulations tomy dear friend John who is now the minister at Knoxville Presbyterian Church and writes a well read blog entitled Heaven's Highway have a look John always has something a bit original to say and make you think.

Posted By: John Brown   On: 16 May 2011   At: 10:31am

This song was written for another, and I hope he does not mind sharing it. Some 20 years ago,God used it to speak to me as part of my hearing of his call into full-time ministry. Hearing it again this week, it came with affirmation and encouragement. God’s grace knows no bounds.


Posted By: Helmut   On: 15 May 2011   At: 8:14pm

Yes, why not! I would not know how to go about it, though. But everybody listening to St Andrew’s cds and the Bogle Band cds seems to really enjoy them.


Posted By: italker   On: 14 May 2011   At: 10:36pm

Thanks Helmut for your encouragement. Last night my son and I took part in a fund raiser for the new work that Vine Trust are starting to support in Tanzania. It ended up a great night and quite a bit of cash was raised. Who knows we might still get the Bogle band out on the road again.How about a gig in Germany?


Posted By: Helmut   On: 14 May 2011   At: 8:48pm

Hoping and praying to have more of that gorgeous music!


Posted By: italker   On: 12 May 2011   At: 8:15am


Glad you like it. Much thanks is due to Rae Manger our video editor at Sanctus Media I gave her one or two shots of the Ramshorn Church and the rest we filmed while out on location for a sanctuary First podcast. And the shots in the studio where filmed by my iphone. The wonders of technology


Posted By: John Stuart   On: 12 May 2011   At: 1:45am

Thanks Albert. Pure dead brilliant…:)

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