Preaching and the visual language.

Today I'm off to the ICC, International Christian College, to give a lecture on preaching and media. I really enjoy giving this lecture but I think i need to up date some of my material. the principles of what i want to say remains the same but the examplesa to describe it probably need refreshing. The gist of what I want to say is that preaching is not an event but a process that involves a three way relationship that somehow only comes to life when all three elements interact with the Holy Spirit. I'm convinced there is a process going on, a kind of dialague often undetected between, the scriptures the congregation and the preacher. When you introduce an additional medium, like a picture or a film clip, it adds an extra element to the whole mix. And it is this that I want to explore in my lecture this morning. Understanding the impact of the visual language is important before you start introducing visuals to sermons. Of course understanding the power of language and also the powerlessness of language is also important. It is not just enough to be a preacher that preaches the word, the real dynamic of preaching is when the preacher also encounters the living word through his or her living it out. Anyway I'm off for a meeting with my Session Clerk before heading off the Glasgow. Oh yeah and there is the General Assembly and a speech Ive got to get ready for Friday all in the day of a preacher.
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Posted By: Graham Lynch   On: 13 May 2008   At: 12:45pm

Hi Albert,

We’ve met a few times (recently both of us trying to sneak into St Silas through the back door)I’m very interested in the use of visuals in worship and teaching - I liked the way Jonny Baker wove together images, words, teaching and worship at the National Gathering.


I like to overlay images on what is going on (in addition to point making videos) and think there is scope for a lot more to be done in this area. I’d be very interested in meeting up to discuss this more if you have the time.


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