Pressing on from Prague to London to Inverness!

I woke up this morning thinking about a Dylan Song entitled "Pressing On". I really love the version by Virgina McCrory.

I've not had a day off since a week past last Sunday. I'm not complaining I really enjoy doing what I'm doing. However I was thinking there's nothing for it but press on. The only thing is getting the washing up to date. Could you believe it there isn't a place in central London where you can get your laundry done in a few hours?  A bit of market research could be done, and a little business established, whose up for it?

Anyway I'm back in Inverness. I think this  must be my third visit to the city since becoming Moderator. The last few days have been interesting. The thing about these trips is that you get time to spend with your colleagues. It's an opportunity to share and dream and laugh together,as we'll as praying and thinking about the future of the church together. Both John and I prayed silently as we prepared to meet the Prime Minister. This is an annual opportunity for the Moderator of the  Church of Scotland to speak with the PM about issues that will affect the life of Scotland and the Church. It was a thoughtful and at times frank encounter but we came away feeling that we had highlighted our areas of concern to the Prime Minister. As we left  we wished him well. We had reminded him at  the beginning of our conversations he and his government where often prayed for in the congregations of the Church of Scotland, so we will continue to pray for those in Government regardless of their politics.

It was back to the hotel on the Tube to pick up our cases and once again move across London to meet up with Sam Wells. Dr Wells has just recently been appointed as the Canon in charge of St Martin's in the Field. I was particularly interested in the on going development of Sam's thinking as he seeks to work out a theology of mission which engages with culture, commerce, compassion and community. I think the discussion we had could be the content of a post in the future.

For now it's time to move across and meet the ministers who have come for our Ministries Council Day Conference. I hope this will be as successful as the others and that ministers will feel they have been challenged and encouraged but also blessed during our sessions today.


Posted By: hazeymc   On: 18 Feb 2013   At: 9:46am

A lovely version of “Pressing on” - Thank-you!
...and lovely blog writing too!


Posted By: Helmut   On: 7 Feb 2013   At: 7:05am

Germans used to be brought up with the notion that in London there was a distinct district for everything - doctors, dentists, newspapers, bookshops,... Therefore you plainly were in the wrong part of London! grin 
Thank you for another delightful blogpost!

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