Prisoners At Christmas

Will you spare a thought and perhaps a prayer for all those who suffer in silence this Christmas. We've set aside one of the transepts in the church this year to highlight the work of Amnesty International. We would like to invite people to drop in and pray for prisoners of conscience. A few years ago we made this little mediation. I think it is still very relevant. The music was composed by Colin Jamieson copies of this can be purchased through Sanctus Media. [youtube][/youtube] All over the world today people are struggling to be heard. Their voices are being silenced often by the rich and the powerful. The message of Christmas is that God is not silent when it comes to the poor. Indeed he is screaming to all of us in our noise laden world to remember the poor and to stand up for those who are unjustly treated. In case you think prisoners of conscience are only found in non democratic countries, think again. Too many people within families and even among friends in the UK are silenced. Many an abused person will suffer in silence this Christmas amid the Christmas festivities.

Posted By: italker   On: 17 Dec 2010   At: 9:15am

Good to hear from you Hazel.  Too often this whole topic is forgotten about glad to hear that you support the work of Amnesty, we’re hoping lots of cards of support will be sent out from our display here in Bo’ness. have a good Christmas


Posted By: Hazel   On: 15 Dec 2010   At: 6:01pm

Thank-you for a powerful,yet very truthful video.

A few weeks ago, I sent Christmas cards for Amnesty International, something I am passionate about.

Christmas can be a really difficult time for many people -looking beyond the tinsel, glittering lights and rush -it is so good to know God’s love is still shining brightly even in our darkest nights.

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