Remembrance Sunday

[youtube][/youtube]Cold damp November Sunday morning Boots and berries Top and toe, comrades who once fought a common foe. They march in solidarity to remember what they have tried to forget. Its sixty five years for some since the guns fell silent. For others the guns still pound in their heads and in their hands Their wounds are still fresh Flesh and blood bind them together Like brothers and sisters in each others arms They love They fight They give themselves to each other To protect the other Actions speak louder than guns In the face of struggle They act as one No one turns back All have placed their life on the line Cold damp November Sunday morning bodies lie limp and useless Under a warm downie They sleep They rest They snore they dream They can't forget They won't remember They've closed their eyes And in their sleep They become The silent majority Who stand for nothing And fall for anything Who turn their head And ignore The plight of a Mandela Or a Suu Kyi Or a soldier in the crossfire Cold damp November Sunday Just two minutes Too busy Too late To Remember
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