Ripples Of The CWW National Gathering Continue To Spread Out.

 abbishopjs.jpgThe emails and letters are still coming in to the CWW Office from all around the country. All sorts of people expressing their appreciation for the event. When the Planning Group meets together we will take into account all the things that have been said. One thing is for certain we will need Commissioners at the General Assembly to rise to the occasion and speak in favour of the work we have been doing. This will especially have to be done when the over all budget is being discussed. Mission and Discipleship will be expected by many to continue this work, however if this is not accounted for in their budgeting via the Council of Assembly we may find ourselves short of where with all achieve the things we need to do.We had a wonderful service this morning at St Andrew's Bo'ness. It was great to have Lorna and Erica from Soultouch with us. The girls had come home to Scotland to celebrate Erica's brother's wedding. By tomorrow at 4.00am they will be heading back on the road this time to Peru. What a challenging and eventful, and miraculous time the girls are having. As they spoke this morning, all attention was on them as they shared their stories and vision for the future of World Without Walls. A further group of 17 people returned at 3.30pm this afternoon to hear more about the work. This was a time for question and answer. All who attended were excited at the future of the project. I am sure we are going to see things develop in a wonderful way over the next few months. I am absolutely certain that great things lie ahead of us all. This week sees the beginning of the General Assembly this Thursday. Please pray for the Assembly, that all who attend will be open to the prompting of the Holy Spirit. I'm making my report to the Assembly on Friday in the late morning. So i'd be glad of your prayers as i start to write my report. I just received some video footage of the Archbishop recalling his experience of the National Gathering, he does a pretty good job at promoting it, so his video clip will be part of my presentation to the Assembly. We also have a wonderful visit from our Argentinean friends last Thursday. A big thank you to Maggie for rising to occasion and making a splendid barbecue for our visitor. It was great to share ideas and realise that we all have so much to learn from one another.
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