Setting Out To Explore South Africa

Today we strike out on our own to explore South Africa. We've hired a car and we're heading out on the Garden Route we hope to reach Jo'burgh by Saturday . It looks like a 1000 mile trip. It will be interesting to reflect on the experiences we encounter.
Willie and Duncan move out of our flat early to pick up the car. It turns out to be a brand new Honda it looks like a Civic to me. Its really comfortable to travel in. This is an add on few days to chill out after the conference and to perhaps look at Ports we could use in the future if ever the Vine Trust brought a boat to Africa.

The scenery along this route is stunning. We stop off to admire The Huttentots a range of mountains just outside Cape Town. Then it's back on the road again. till we reach an interesting seaside town called Hermanus.

This is a world renowned sight for whale watching. They even have a whale crier. Unfortunately the water is too choppy so there were no whales. I once went Whale Watching off Cape Cod we saw quite a few that day. Oh and for those who don't know already I have spotted pink Dolphins in the Amazon. But no whales today.

I think all three of us are just enjoying the shear unbridled power of the sea as it dashes against the rock. We continue on the trail following the N2. The road surface changes from time to time looking at times to be nothing more than a dirt track. However for most of the journey it is along strait road that reminds me of a long drive I made many years ago through Death Valley. The only difference is there is no desert here. We are driving through lush farm land and Grapevine Country.

By mid afternoon we stop off at an amazing wayside cafe and enjoy an 'all day breakfast' Then it's back on the road again and two hundred miles later we arrive in Mosselbay. Duncan our trusty 'Lonely Planet Guide' directs us to the Parkhall Backpackers Hostel. This will be our headquarters for the rest of the evening.

Before long we're eating fish and chips at the Sea Gipsy an amazing Restaurant hidden away at one corner of the harbour. As the day draws to a close I can't help but think on the thousands of people from the Congress all making their way back home. Drawn to their friends and companions for a season but now returning to begin to reflect on what has been shared. I'm also aware of the millions across this planet tonight who will have no place of safety to lay their head. For them I pray the protection of God our Father and am thankful that I have a clean warm bed. Tomorrow will no doubt bring different adventures.

Posted By: italker   On: 29 Oct 2010   At: 9:02pm

Mike the Oban Hostel is in a class of its own.


Posted By: Mike Munro   On: 29 Oct 2010   At: 5:40pm

Does the hostel bring back memories of Oban !!

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