Snake Bite Boy Rescued

Yesterday I visited my favourite place in Iquitos Puerto Allegria. The setting is idilic. Here in this home run by Union Biblica and funded by Vine Trust boys of all ages who have no homes to call their own can begin to find a family and discover security and love. It was wonderful to see the boys again. Today we started on the long speed boat journey about 5 hours up the Amazon then on to the River Ampiyacu where we found Amazon Hope engaging with the Huitoto tribe and the Bora tribe. Both chiefs danced for us. However it was the story of the boy whose life was saved by the doctors on board AH 1 that is the most moving. Have a listen to Dr Ronald on this video as he tells the story. [youtube][/youtube] Now here is the point the serum cost $300.00 how grateful this little boy is that someone in the UK was prepared to give some money to Vine Trust to make a difference. So the next time someone says to you giving money to charity is pointless tell that to little Jakob. Yeah that's right he didn't have a name, so Dr Ronald called him Jakob. For Jakob an abandoned boy in the Jungle Monday was a day of extraordinary extravagant generosity.

Posted By: italker   On: 7 Feb 2011   At: 11:37pm

It was just seeing the look of complete joy on the face of Ronald that blew me away. Such a wonderful kind Christian man who has devoted the past few years of his life working on Amazon Hope. He followed a feeling that was a good one.


Posted By: jackie   On: 7 Feb 2011   At: 4:25pm

What an amazon (amazing) story and great to see the medical ship and boys home working together,  shows that links between both projects are very fruitful.


Posted By: Helmut   On: 4 Feb 2011   At: 6:23pm


Prayers and thumbs up for the Amazon Hope crews!


Posted By: Karen   On: 2 Feb 2011   At: 10:11pm

God is amazing and He alone guides us!


Posted By: Alan and Pam   On: 2 Feb 2011   At: 9:49pm

Wonderful story!! Well done to Ronald and the team. Please give them our love. Have a safe trip Albert. Alan and Pam


Posted By: Duncan   On: 2 Feb 2011   At: 12:37pm

Great story and glad to hear news from your current visit to Peru.


Posted By: rae   On: 1 Feb 2011   At: 10:00am

Amazing story!

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