Step out of the book shop and walk on water

sunset-amazon.jpg I've always been attracted to bookshops and rivers. Here is a picture of the Amazon at Sunset. This picture reminds me that I'm always glad to be near the end of my journey when sunset happens on the Amazon. Sunset over the Amazon is also a time when you don't want to be stepping into the river. All kinds of wild life wakens up just after 5.30pm. Now if the river can be dangerous so can bookshops, as those who attended this concert can testify. Talking about bookshops, years ago as a student I used to spend hours looking through the many second hand bookshops that were around in those days. I remember visiting my sister who lived in Inverness at the time and breaking the journey in Perth, just to see what I could find by way of books. I met a Free Church Minister that day, called Ian R Tulloch, who overheard me looking for an edition of Jonathan Edwards works. I certainly didn't look like the typical Edwards reader, with my leather jacket and jeans, yet he invited me back for dinner to his home and gave me a very interesting edition of "Boston's Fourfold State " Here's the actual So its quite interesting to be talking about the place that books play in all our lives. John Ortberg wrote a best seller a few years back called "if you want to walk on water you gotta get out of the boat" well Iain and I wrote a song about water walking in the early 90s. Have a listen to the concert as it begins to develop a bit more. "Step into the water", invites us all to take risks and make history for God.
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