Steve Jobs creator of the iBook bows to his creator

So what has Steve Jobs and James V1 of Scotland got in common? One thing is for certain both produced a book that changed the world. One produced the ibook the other produced what many still believe to be the best translation of he Bible. It was interesting to have apple macs and the Bible side by side this week celebrating the 400th anniversary of the KJV of the Bible. What a fantastic exhibition the congregation's Church Without Walls team has put on this week here in St Andrew's Bo'ness. [gallery] Using the title from, Norman Stone's drama documentary ‘the Book that Changed the World', the exhibition seeks to explore five aspects of freedom in the Bible. The book that frees us to choose, the book that frees us to worship, the book that frees us to serve, the book that frees us to live and the book that frees us to celebrate. There is little doubt that Steve Jobs' creative mind has given the world a fantastic product. The ibook and the ipad and the iphone. They have all captured the imagination of a generation. These products have become icons of fashion. They have become items that for some promote a certain lifestyle. The thing is while one book seeks to set humanity free from things the other if we are not careful can lock us into seeking to have the latest apple product. Jobs has been very clever in the way he has marketed his ideas. Yet on the day of his death it is fascinating that the thing people are talking about is not his technological legacy but extracts from a speech he gave at Stamford University. [youtube][/youtube] Its revealing because in this speech Jobs speaks of the importance of following your dreams, of not being afraid of losing material things, because it all has to be left behind one day. For Jobs although he doesn't credit his source, the biblical truths of faith hope and love permeate his address. You see in the end you have to leave your ibook behind. The book that changed the world is still speaking to a new generation.

Posted By: Jackie   On: 9 Oct 2011   At: 6:07pm

This is one amazing story,  never bought into the I pad, I Phone world,  but what an inspirational man with a profound message to leave to others.  Like you said in your sermon this morning,  its not about following your heart its about following Jesus who will then change your heart.  It got me wondering will Steve Jobs be in glory with our father, did he at the end follow his heart and face our Lord.  I hope and pray he did.


Posted By: h   On: 8 Oct 2011   At: 11:53am

Your Exhibition looks really good and a lot of time and effort must have been put in to everything.

From one who is “forever following my heart,” but usually getting into pickles, Steve Jobs words make a lot of sense.

Maybe it is time I stop dreaming, throw caution to the wind, and just live!


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