The Book that Changed the World

[youtube][/youtube] You'll have noticed that I've been making one or two comments on the blog about the 400th Anniversary of the King James version of the Bible. Its actually been quite wonderful to begin to rediscover the shear wonder and magic of the language especially when it is read out loud in church. We've been doing this in St Andrew's Bo'ness to highlight the 400th Anniversary of this particular version. Its a book that has literally changed the world. I guess this is the simply reason why Scots based, Bafta and Emmy award-winning film director Norman Stone has entitled his latest docudrama - "the book that changed the world." It is a superb, authoritative docudrama that celebrates the influence and significance that this particular version of the Bible has had on the English language. Its quite wonderful when you begin to hear about all the various events that are being organised around the country to celebrate the 400th anniversary which will take place on the 2nd May this year. I noticed this quote in the Scotsman last month. "Indeed, Britain is about to go Bible bonkers, with radio programmes and several television documentaries (presented respectively by Melvyn Bragg and Adam Nicolson, who has said that the KJB is "a kind of national shrine, built only of words"). Shelvesful of books (The Book of Books by Melvyn Bragg, for instance) are promised." Well I received a copy of Stone's latest production as a gift the other day and I must admit that I was spell bound watching it last night. It is a masterful piece of historical storytelling, presented by The Lord of the Rings' Gimli the Dwarf, John Rhys Davies. Its also interesting that the role of James V1 is played by RSAMD student, Andrew Rothney, Andrew plays the part convincingly and resembles James in looks. I've been so impressed that I think I'll have an evening in the Church perhaps on the 2nd May where we'll celebrate the Anniversary by showing the film. I may even try to convince our local cinema the historic Hippodrome here in Bo'ness to put on a showing. I hope you enjoy the trailer.
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