The Church has no choice but to change.

images Just back from Largs. I was speaking at St John's Kirk Session Retreat. it was an opportunity to reflect upon the challenges that face all of us in the church today. How do we reclaim an authentic voice to speak to the nation? It was challenging to remind the assembled audience that we can no longer do church the same way as we have been doing it in the past. We need to encounter a new dynamic that will resonate with a 21st Century Generation. At the heart of this dynamic there needs to be a deeper understanding when it comes to the art of communication. The truth of the matter is that the church needs to remind itself that it is primarily in the business of communication. the great commission of Jesus was "Go into all the world and preach the Gospel." Jesus himself was into communication in a big way. Indeed he was the word made flesh. The living embodiment of God himself. God communicating in person. I guess that is the greatest change for all of us as Christians that we communicate the gospel person to person. The high touch comes before the hi-tech.
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