Valley FM continues to broadcast out across the airwaves. This is an amazing piece of youth work. It is a credit to the 40 odd teenagers and young adults that are involved in the ten day spectacular, broadcasting from 7.00 in the morning to 12 midnight. I feel honoured to be included and be given an opportunity to be a radio presenter for a few days. This morning I had Andrea our our family worker as my guest. She was a natural on radio. I also think she gave some amazing advice to our listeners and insight into her work here in Bo'ness. The programme she is part of is called "Bounce Higher" from this programme centred around the importance of resilience, she has developed a number of interesting child centre projects. I like Andrea's approach to the way she works with people. She is always holding out hope often to mums and dads that are struggling with an issue and think they will never recover. The good news is that you can and you will but it takes time. It was good to get the final stitches taken out of my elbow this afternoon six months after my elbow was smashed up. It has been a good reminder to me that it takes time for broken bones to heal. It also takes time for broken relationship to heal. Too often when it comes to our personal relationships with each other we either give up or we expect too much too soon. When it comes to broken bones I had the support of metal work in my elbow for nearly six months, then the whole thing was opened up again and the metal work taken out. Who ever told you healing was an instant thing, it more often than not takes time. So why not cut yourself and your friends a bit of slack and think of healing as a process rather than an instant miracle.
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