The Road to Service

We here I am once again getting ready to do the long haul across the Atlantic to South America.  I'll be visiting Peru for the next nine days. Catching up with our partners SUPeru and meeting the new Chairman of their board. Meanwhile I'm just back from a Kirk Session meeting tonight.We talked about a lot of things. I think there is a great frustration that we can't get the accommodation we need right now. Its been the same old story for years. We see growth, new families coming around the church but we feel so limited by our accomodation. I'm hoping that we'll be able to put some interim measures in place while we raise the cash for our major refurbishment. This is a time of challenge and also opportunity when it comes to raising cash and redeveloping buildings. Its also time to reach out and take God at his word and take the risks that become non existent when we are obeying God. So once the congegation see the plans it will be over to the Presbytery and God willing we'll start fund raising in earnest. Anyway meanwhile I'm off to bed, I'm up first thing in the morning to take the school Assembly then I'm in and out of meetings all day before its time to pack a small bag and head for Lima. Bo'ness to Lima is a long road. I guess I'm fortunate to be minister of St Andrew's  Bo'ness we've got a great team of folk that just move into place when I go on one of these trips.
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Posted By: Gordon Kennedy   On: 24 Mar 2009   At: 3:37pm

I remember that boat ride in Puerto Belen.

May you know God’s presence and blessing during your visit to Peru.

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